Since its establishment, the Technology Center is an active supporter of the local technical educations, especially in the field of dual education. The Center continuously involves engineering students in the projects so as to supply extensive practical experience for them. Attitude of the TC practical education is based on „on-the-job-learning” approach, striving for the earliest involvement of students into the value creation process. The Technology Center trains the students not only for its own business purpose, but for the local economy and industrial players.

In line with its mission, the Technology Center deals with not only the own students but also with partners’ students, through offering several programs and projects:
  • Visiting international exhibitions,
  • Company visits, technology forums,
  • Engineering Seminar,
  • Factory X competition,
  • Vehicle projects of the students.

Technology Center: H-8900 Zalaegerszeg
4 Fészek Street Tel.: (+36) 92 324 453